Can I unsubscribe?


If you have taken out our month-by-month subscription, yes! You can suspend your subscription at any time by logging into "My account", selecting "My Orders" and clicking "Disable" for the subscription you wish to interrupt or stop. In order for this to be processed efficiently, you must do this no later than the 16th of the month preceding the delivery (eg. no later than 16th August for September’s Kit). We’ll be sad to see you stop your journey with us, so we’ve made it really easy to reactivate your subscription by following the same steps as above and clicking "Activate" for the subscription you wish to reactivate. On the other hand, if you have agreed to our fixed subscription of 6 or 12 months, you will receive your Kits for the duration agreed without the option to terminate. If you’re leaving the country for an extended period of time, and can prove so, we do allow you to cancel your subscription.


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